The Good, The Bad and The UGLY

“How was Australia?”

Australia was…. okay.

I thought about writing a blog post on my travels to Brisbane this Christmas but I sat for a while wondering what I would actually write. And for once, I don’t want to write anything.

Instead of writing all about my trip I thought why not let the pictures talk for themselves. Why don’t I let you guys decide the answer?


1 year old!!!

So I’ve been inactive longer than ever before, in fact, I haven’t even signed into WordPress for over 3 weeks. As I signed in today with the intentions of writing a blog post all about my trip to Australia over Christmas, the good, the bad and the ugly, I got a notification “happy Anniversary”!!! MY BLOGS A YEAR OLD.

I’m super happy with how far my blog has taken me this year (2016), giving me opportunity’s that I would have never dreamed of being given. From working with well-established brands like Superdry and Motel, posting for Dominoes and being invited to LFW shows. I can’t even begin to explain how lucky I have been, especially as I’m really not a big blogger at all.

Although I have enjoyed writing blog posts and posting fashion pictures and tbh the whole thing, I can’t help but feel a huge need for change. I came into the blogger game with NO intentions at all, I’ve taken almost every opportunity that has been thrown my way and I have enjoyed every single second of it. But, as much as I have gained professionally, I feel at a huge loss with myself. Over the past year, I’ve come to realize who I want to be and what I want to be doing. And suddenly I have all these amazing intentions that I want to get out of blogging.

Blogging is definitely something I want to continue doing but just in a very different way. I made a couple of ‘new years resolutions’ this year. One being that I wanted to get out more, photograph important things and write about them. Another being that I would ensure myself time to do things I want to do, in the way I want to do them.

I keep finding myself drifting into this ‘black and white’ world where I write and photograph the same as everybody else, and that’s not what I want to be doing. My life isn’t as simple as black. and. white. 

So from now on my blog is really going to be ‘MY’ blog. And as I grow, so will it. Because I no longer want to be caught up worrying that if I don’t follow what other bloggers are doing no one will be interested.


Molly xx

The education system…

This blog has taken me a while to think about and complete and so I’m sorry for the delay but it was something I really wanted to touch upon. And having just dropped out of college I couldn’t think of a better time…

It’s safe to say I absolutely hated college, I don’t know if it’s because I decided to stay in the same ‘small town’ high school I attended in my village for another 2 years, the people, the teachers, the way things worked. I just wasn’t happy. leading to all kinds of things such as anxiety and depression I had to get out…

But I wasn’t sure what I could do with myself after making this bold decision.

The stigma around BTEC courses had me thrown. All sorts of thing were going through my head, I had dropped out too late to have a fresh start at a new college, with fresh faces and brand new courses and when I thought of taking a BTEC course I had an overwhelming feeling that I just wasn’t capable of A-levels. I am not dumb. Having achieved 11 GCSE’s  A*-C and getting all 3 AS levels  before I dropped out I know now that I am capable and smart but I just don’t like how things are run.

I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks meaning that exams have never been my thing, I’m more of a coursework kinda gal and the thought of all the exams I would have had to take next year worried me. a lot. especially with the reformed A-levels, meaning that instead of achieving two separate grades (an AS and an A-level) all the content that was previously split into two exams over two years has been put into one. To give you an idea of how intense this change was: In English Lit instead of studying 3 books and 30 poems for year one and the same repeated for year two, we had to remember 6 books and 60 poems, for one years exams! That’s a LOT to remember.

I think it’s wrong how your ability to succeed in life is based on an exam that can last as little as 45 mins. The amount of times, I have remembered an answer 5 minutes after your times up. Or the amount of times I have achieved high grades in mocks and coursework just to flunk the real thing and be told that I am not good enough.

“Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.” – Albert Einstein.

So before you worry that being ‘bad’ at exams and at ‘school’ means that you’re dumb or stupid or incapable, you are not! Everybody is unique and different, and we are all good at something even if you can’t think of something you are particularly good at, others will notice where you shine best and soon you will realize too.


Shop my outfit:

Dungarees: blitz london

top: CheapMonday

rings: Sammy Dress

shoes: Converse

socks: Primark

coat(puffa) : Blitz london

glasses: Depop

Thanks for reading lovelies, I think I’ll be bald by the time I next write a blog post so say goodbye to ma wild hair…

Molly xx

The struggles of a blogger

Before we talk about how great this outfit I styled is (wink wink), I wanted to touch on a few things that have been getting on my nerves lately. Now I’m sure if you are a blogger and just happen to be under the age of 18 or possibly older, that you will agree with at least some of what I have to say.

Blogging for me isn’t just a hobby, essentially it’s a job and it has been for the past 2 years.  Of course, I’ve had to have other jobs as well but really the aim for me is to make blogging my main job/career path.

Running an Instagram account for the past two years as a job has been tricky, of course. And tbh, It’s not the glamorous, amazing lifestyle or ideal job its first perceived to be. I’m pretty fed up of people telling me that I do nothing, all I do is take a picture and get free things. I guess to the normal outsider that’s all you can see but in reality, I put a lot of time and effort into choosing an outfit suitable for a blog post, to then have to find a place that compliments my outfit to take photographs in. Not only that but I take a lot of time writing out each caption ensuring that it is different from the last. Not to mention the hours I spend brainstorming and writing blog posts. And not only do I put in a lot of work but I’m constantly being shut down, it’s happened countless times by both companies and followers. Not only do I put in a lot of work but I’m constantly being shut down, it’s happened countless times by both companies and followers, and it’s difficult to hold it together all the time and pretend that it doesn’t affect me.

Not only do I put in a lot of work but I’m constantly being shut down, it’s happened countless times by both companies and followers, and it’s difficult to hold it together all the time and pretend that it doesn’t affect me.

Being a blogger has given me many insecurities and well, maybe it doesn’t seem that way because let’s be honest, my job is to take pictures of myself, but this is really how I feel. A lot of people think that it’s okay to be rude on your photo because you have ‘lots of followers’ and you ‘won’t see it’ when in reality I see and read almost every comment that I get. Buy hey, I guess I can’t moan because it’s made me the person I am today, and I can’t help but hope and wish that there are lots in store for me as I grow up.

Now I’ll touch on the part about how I personally think that blogging is more difficult for the young. Being a young blogger, just fifteen when I started my professional Instagram page, and still only seventeen now, means that a lot of opportunities go to waste, whether I can’t make it because of my age or whether I am uninvited or not considered because of my age, it seems to me like age discrimination is a common response from a lot of companies. If I’m honest, sometimes I wish companies wouldn’t mess me around and would just say straight out that they don’t want to work with me, it would definitely save me a lot of time and effort and upset. I also personally feel that because a lot of successful bloggers are a lot older than me I feel embarrassed to attend events as I’m usually the youngest there. I can’t be the only one…right?

I’m not too sure where this post went, I’m pretty sure I just blabbered on and on, but I hope it was entertaining either way. Anyway,let’s get started on this outfit…


The outfits pretty simple, it’s a street style piece, and I loved sporting it. At first, I think I’m drawn to the t-shirt… EYE SEE YOU… It was an impulse buy I made in London a couple of years ago. And continues to be one of the best things I’ve ever bought. As its bloody freezing at the moment, I layered it over my simple and gray Marks and Spencer turtle neck.

I think the yellow door was also a great find, I’d love to return and photograph a really wacky outfit in front of it.


Details: Details and accessories are so important in outfits and they are something I never really think about when I’m creating or photographing outfits. Anyway, the accessories I remembered to include are my sammydress ring and charity shop belt, I’m pretty sure they sell similar ones on Asos if you like it!!


I really like the contrast of the patterns on the t-shirt and trousers. I think sometimes you need to have a little bit of a contrast in your outfits and for me, this worked perfectly.


Shop my outfit-

t-shirt: Cheapmonday  (I don’t think they have this top in stores anymore but you can search for similar items if you like it!!)

Turtle-neck: M&S

trousers: Vintage

Socks: Slazenger (from sports direct) £3.50 for 10!!!

Shoes: K-Swiss

Jacket: @Blitzlondon on Instagram

Hoodie: Nike

Thanks for reading, even if it really didn’t make sense. It would be great to hear what you guys think!!

Molly xx

Autumn favourites: Tops and Jumpers

Please tell me that we all go through the struggles of what to wear when the weather gets colder and you have to put away all your nice summer tops and start to layer and layer and layer and layer….. It makes me feel a little shit tbh. I want to still be able to express myself through what I wear even during the colder seasons however, this is something I really struggle with.

So I thought why not put together a few of my favourite Autumnal bits and see if I feel a bit better, and well, it worked! It’s hard to see what you really have when you are rushing to pick an outfit in the morning so that you don’t miss your bus.

Of course, my ‘christmassy’ pringle jumper that I got last year from a charity shop for just £2 (get me! seriously though guys if you aren’t one to ‘charity’ shop, you NEED to get down to your local charity shops and just have a nosey because I promise you won’t be disappointed, it’s a cheap way to find awesome clothes AND you’re doing something great! ) is an autumn favorite. It’s super cozy and gets me into the Christmas spirit! Plus I love how it’s cropped.


Here I have layered up a mustard (keeping the Autumnal colors) turtle neck from Urban Outfitters and a groovy Jimmy Hendrix tee that I found in my boyfriend’s wardrobe which he got from Tesco’s? So that was obviously a bargain.

One of my favorite things to do when the weather gets cold is to layer band tees over turtle necks. It’s a very stylish way to keep warm. And paired with my vintage red Blitz jacket I couldn’t go wrong.


I’m jumping into Autumn in my cream Marks and Spencers oversized jumper and It’s the perfect winter essential to keep you warm all day. It’s so oversized that I can even style it as a dress with fishnets and Dm’s for chilly evening attire.


Love you guys,

Molly xx

It’s all about the mesh

Mesh, Mesh, Mesh, what a lovely word to hear and a lovely sight to see, I can’t get enough of it! Now, in all honesty, I can’t say I own nearly enough mesh as I should, especially for someone who adores it so much.

I see mesh overlays and tee’s absolutely everywhere at the moment and I can tell that it’s the next ‘BIG’ thing… So, of course, I had to invest in some pieces myself. One being this gorgeous ‘Tulle dress’ from Bershka

I’ve seen people style this dress in loads of different ways but by far my most favorite is the over jeans look. I chucked on what I would say was a very ‘plain/basic outfit’ and jazzed it up a little with my Adidas snake skin high tops and a lil bit ‘o’ mesh.


Matching my makeup with my outfit has become my new favourite thing (lip color ‘ORANGE COUNTY’ from NYX liquid suede collection). And my big hoops are from boohoo… sometimes you gotta let loose your inner diva and wear the biggest hoops you’ve got!


This outfit was all about the details, so I picked my 2 favorite rings from Sammydress (Their shop is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.!!!) and of course my new glasses from depop, which I’ve been receiving many compliments for, have to make an appearance.


Shop my outfit:

Turtle neck: @blitzlondon on insta

jeans and hoops: Boohoo

Shoes: Adidas

Rings: Sammydress

Lipstick: NYX

 Molly xx

Oranges and Yellows: The colors of Autumn

Let’s talk autumn, an extremely confusing season for myself. It’s getting closer and closer to winter and whilst October is one of my favorite months, with Halloween and the start of the leaves falling and autumnal colors emerging, I still can’t decide whether I love or hate Autumn.

For starters I hate being cold, in fact, I cannot stand it! But then there’s the argument of wrapping up warm in cute clothes and bringing out your Autumn wardrobe full of Oranges, red’s and mustards… etc etc, but up until this point in my life I’ve NEVER liked my Autumn wardrobe, so I feel a bit confused.

Having hated Autumn last year and suddenly feeling overwhelmed wth excitement this year I’m not 100% where I stand. Me being the boring girl who hates (maybe hate is a bit of a strong word) snow and the cold, the thought of winter really does not appeal to me. Soo, I decided to stock up on some winter coats, scarf’s and knits to keep me warm, and perhaps make me like winter a little bit more? Although I don’t think that will happen anytime soon, in all seriousness wrapping up in NICE warm clothes DOES aid my thoughts on winter.

HOLD UP!!!! I’m sorry, this blog post should have started more like this: an explanation of why I’ve been ‘absent for nearly three weeks!!!!

Tbh. There are a lot of reasons, and I’m not going to go into detail however recently I’ve moved homes, colleges and just been a little up and down with myself, my emotions and just in general. As much as I am crazy about fashion and LOVE to blog I have to admit it’s been difficult for me to find motivation and time to get up and do it. I’ve been super overwhelmed that unfortuneatly it hasn’t been a top priority of mine.

Now that I think of it, my last blog post ‘feeling blue’ might answer a few more of your questions.

Well now you know, let’s get back to talking about this bomb af outfit I put together yesterday.


So back to creating the perfect Autumnal wardrobe. Here are a few must haves: My Superdry ‘Winter flite jacket’ which I got in a size small for reference, and from the men’s section because let’s be honest, some of the best things in our wardrobes have come from the men’s section, right? Along with my Superdry ‘Rhumi tassel scarf’ IT HAS A MATCHING HAT BUT I DIDN’T GET IT? why? I do not know. A warm coat and scarf is very obviously a must have for any Autumn/winter outfit but these two specifically caught my eye…

Along with the #Superdry theme, I have the most awesome pair of black, camo print trainers and oh my, they are the comfiest shoes I own. Admittedly they have very quickly become my go-to shoe 5/7 days a week!

I paired these Autumn/Winter must haves with a pair of army pants I copped from Camden market (They can be purchased in most vintage stores!) And a navy/grey long sleeved top from HM. Can I just quickly say, how good is Hm’s newest collection? I literally want everything!


Hat: River Island (the mens section of course, hehe)

Glasses: Depop

Bag: @goodgirl_gang on insta


All outfit details (shop my outfit) are tagged throughout.

Molly xx